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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 19, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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"news 4 today" starts now. >> this beautiful sunday morning, hope you're having a good day. i'm adam tuss. >> i'm angie goff. this out of prince george's county two children hurt in a house fire in clinton. five people inside the house when it caught fire this morning on small drive. the adults were able to get out but firefighters had to rescue a 13-year-old boy as well as a 10-year-old girl. we're told all five people are in the hospital right now. >> well, right now we want to get a look at our forecast. amelia is
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"weather center." amelia what are we looking at a little bit of sunshine? >> a little bit of sunshine filtered sunshine for the morning and midday hours. clouds definitely winning out and temperatures a good 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. you can thank easterly components of winds for cooler temperatures today. overall the weather having a relatively low impact on sunday. just not a picture perfect 10. i think showers will hold off until the evening hours. if you're going to the nats game as they take on phillies this afternoon, first pitch at 1:30 you might want to bring jacket or sweatshirt to the game. temperatures will be in the mid-60s. unless the game is extra long or goes into extra innings, i think you'll be able to get it in without any rain. you might want to bring the poncho just in case. i think the rain will hold off until the game wraps up. overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning, we are looking at rain. it will be heavy at times. i'll be timing that out, angie,
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with the latest future weather in just about ten minutes. >> thanks amelia. two men behind bars after a barricade situation in prince george's county. police reopened 8th street where the barricade situation began. last night police say a man barricaded hips inside an apartment on 8th street. police say a suspect may have fired shots in the air. >> right now metro is conducting a full scale emergency drill at the green belt station in maryland. the station is still open but customers likely seeing a heavy emergency response there. metro transit police and prince george's county fire and e-mails teams, they are simulating evacuation of passengers from a disabled train. this is the first in a series of quarterly drills to improve responder training after the deadly l'enfant smoke incident. new this morning, pictures to show you of firefighters rescuing a nine week old puppy from a pipe. it happened in montgomery county. the pomeranian fell into the
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pipe near montgomery blair high school. a lot of heavy equipment was used to free that pup. that pipe only 4 inches across. >> unbelievable. it's sunday so here is what you need to know about week ahead. tomorrow business leaders from montgomery and prince george's county will put out a new study supporting purple line. the light rail line would connect new carrollton and bethesda. it could mean a big boost for the economy. in boston, runners take part in 119th boston marathon. it's now been two years since the marathon bombing that killed three people and hurt more than 80 others. police say they have been working on the event safety all of this and last year. >> we certainly have people's back. they can relax. >> if you're an apple lover, we know you have this coming friday circled on the calendar. the apple watch coming out.
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it should be arriving in your mailbox then. they presold more than 1 million watches. they won't be available in stores for another two or three months. parents with children with disabilities wonder what they will do when they are gone. now a ground breaking law in virginia that will ease concerns. >> the search for these two missing children in montgomery county. derrick ward following bris searching right now. what he's learning about the locations that are the
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$1,000 volkswagen credit bonus on 2015 jetta and passat models. don't wait.offers end april 30th. we celebrate a very important success for virginia and for families who have members with a disability.
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we are proud as we're the first state in the nation to enact this important legislation. >> the able law is being praised by parents of kids with intellectual and developmental challenges. it was signed by governor terry mcauliffe this week. >> it was. news 4 shows how it will help families rest a little bit easier. >> reporter: nicholas from richmond loves to swim. david from fairfax county is a runner and works on the hill. this cutie, my any friend is a third-grader from delaware. kayla, nice to meet you. my name is zachery. >> each of these young people and countless others live with disabilities. meet steve, he's nick's dad. >> one of the biggest concerns i have as a parent of a child with special needs, what happens when we're gone. >> it will allow individuals to set up tax exempt accounts like college savings accounts but can be used for future living expenses.
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started with a big dream at the kitchen table of catherine beck and her late husband steve. >> individuals with challenges will no longer be forced to live in a life of poverty and that's where we were. >> because it was right but also because as parents of a teen daughter with down's syndrome they were impacted. in the end thousands signed up. national down's syndrome autism speaks. it was advocate driven and they were heard. >> virginia is the first and natalie will probably be the first account to open. >> the bill passed in late february made virginia the first to take advantage. governor terry mcauliffe made it official and said more than 30 other states are in the process of following suit. in virginia for support. >> i am in your future. >> a win for nicholas a win for virginia families. reporting in northern virginia zachary kiesch news 4. well right now a new search is under way for two missing
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children in montgomery county. >> news 4's derrick ward is live in germantown where police say they are expanding their search even more. good morning, derrick. >> good morning. we are now in a section of germantown right off great seneca highway. a wooded area where there are at least two canine teams working. of course this is all about the search for the hoggle children who haven't been seen since september 7th. that was the day two-year-old jacob and three-year-old sarah hoggle went missing along with their mother catherine. she showed up a short time later but with no information on where the kids were. she would only say they were safe. she's been under psychiatric care since then and people have been searching since then. this effort got under way. based on no new leads according to police just a matter of expanding areas they have already covered. they brought a lot of resources to bear on this search as we hear from a spokesman from montgomery county police. >> we are being joined by u.s.
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park police, corrections, charles county maryland state, loudoun county sheriff's office fairfax, chesapeake search and rescue dogs east mason dixon search dogs bay area canine search and rescue and pennsylvania search dogs. >> now, while family members and some volunteer searches held out hope these children will be found alive, there's still a glimmer of help they will. this is sort of a recovery effort. they don't have any new leads as far as they are saying on where these children may be. we do know police are starting to pursue murder charges against catherine hoggle the mother of the two children. the certainly will go on through the day, hopefully find more on these missing kids. what we're learning by quick action by an off-duty cop when
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i think it's pretty safe to say we're already in full presidential election mode. from chipotle road trip to new hampshire, no shortage of fuel to the fire already. >> joining us to talk all about it moderator of "meet the press" chuck todd. i want to start with republicans. it's been a big weekend in new hampshire. the one thing we saw between those presidential hopefuls they weren't going after each
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other. >> not yet. they will they will. they have a new target hillary clinton. it's interesting, attacks on hillary clinton were among those to distinguish in the field, attacking as a candidate of the past. every attack on that is effective for going after jeb bush. >> they should have retired could be y doo. when it was the same schtick when she was running for senate. by the way, there hasn't been a scooby doo in a while. do you want to go through the mystery machine, what's in the
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scooby doo snacks. >> i love it. >> talking old school who we heard from perhaps resonated with that message the most this week with marco rubio. he really went out of his way to separate yesterday from today. consider top tier candidate at this point? >> we'll see. i think he has potential to be top tier. obviously he's got to financially become viable to put together a campaign. coming from the same state as jeb bush i think that will be one of his challenges. if he can put together an infrastructure of the campaign he could. one of the things you'll see on the show i'm doing, it's fascinating to hear marco rubio. rhetoric similar to another young candidate in their 40s that ran for president not too long ago, bill clinton. the rhetoric bill clinton used in '92 and '96, againational change rhetoric. now hillary clinton. you know how bill clinton would run against hillary clinton, marco rubio is doing it. this to me is one of her great challenges. >> one of her close personal
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friends on your show what is terry mcauliffe talking about. >> he's an unabashed loyal friend of the clintons. it's interesting to see as hillary clinton moves left does that make her electable in a swing state like virginia. an interesting conversation we had when it came to this issue. many progressives trying to bring her to the left. at the same time trying in general. may be a presidential announcement. john kasich governor of ohio been together. interesting to see what he's saying. 16 years ago he announced on "meet the press," why not do it again. >> calling for a repeat. remind you, see "meet the press" on nbc 4 right after "news 4 today." police in maryland searching for a suspect that stole a police officer's car with his special needs son still in the back seat. the officer works for maryland capitol police.
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investigators say the officer was unloading some stuff from his car in baltimore when a thief jumped in and took off. the officer shot once when he drove away. a few blocks later the car thief stopped and dropped the child off. that child was unharmed. police found the car abandoned. pushing back on a "tulsa world" report training reports were falsified. the 70-year-old sheriff's deputy charged with manslaughter in a fatal shooting in oklahoma. yesterday they released 64 pages of documents that seemed to indicate he was proficient in firearms and dozens of other training courses. bates says he mistakenly pulled out a handgun rather than a stun gun when he fatally shot eric harris earlier this month. jewish center will hold holocaust observance. it will honor those that lost their lives as well as those who rescued others.
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it will happen thursday tied to the anniversary of the 1942 warsaw ghetto uprising in poland. a group of people waking up brand-new members of the rock 'n' roll hall of fame green day, billy withers, ringo starr among those. ringo starr was inducted as beatle a few decades ago, stevie ray vaughn butterfield blues band they made the hall. congratulations. >> i've seen this before. it's a story to start your sunday off with laughter. clint chad warren on the way back to massachusetts when they decided to take a little pit stop. you can see what happens here. clint's seat belt locks up. >> mom -- >> look at you, look. >> look at me. i am stuck in this car. sit back.
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>> mom, what do you think i'm doing. laying down? >> stuck in the car. >> posted the video to facebook. the video has 32 million views. it's worn of those things when you're walking with a friend and they slip and fall but at the same time you can't help but laugh. she's not even trying to help. >> not at all. also shows we'll watch anything online. this poor guy, get him out of the car. >> never had that. good to have scissors in hand. >> one more time mom, i'm stuck in the car. >> you're good at that. you know what that reminds me of storm truck, seat belt in the storm truck. you will not pull. then you're stuck there. locks up all the time. >> you know it's a good thing. >> i feel safe. >> talking about a cooldown noticeably different. >> 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. a high today of 65. tomorrow we jump back up. a high of 75. with that a threat of severe weather in the forecast mainly
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very early in the day before you even leave for work heavy rain isolated flash flatting. middle part of the day, dry, sunshine but that sun helps bubble up for the afternoon and evening hours. storms have a chance to be strong to severe main part high winds producing isolated wind damage maybe a little hail unlikely we'll be tracking a tornado tomorrow. this is looking like more of a straight line wind event. temperatures right now in the low- to mid-60s. where you're at right now pretty much where you're going to stay throughout the day. the forecast and temperature in washington 5:00. you can see it sits around 65 degrees. 64 for a high in manassas 63 for a high in frederick with plenty of clouds across the area. breezy. 5:00 we start to see rain moving into the area but it could get into the beltway as early as 3:00 p.m. i think between 5:00 and 7:00 is kind of the magic time period when we really start
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to see showers moving in. after that heavy rain bright colors on future weather. that's indicating downpours. downpours out of the area 6:00 a.m. when you're starting to get on the road. for the most part showers lingering, working way down. you could have lunch outdoors comfortable with sunshine. temps in the mid-70s but then a cold front moves through tomorrow evening. here you can see this heavy activity pushing through at 7:00 p.m. a thunderstorm. then after that we'll dry out setting us up for a dry but cooler tuesday. so today again a high of 65. most if not all of the day is dry, but overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning when that heavy rain could wake you up. tomorrow is the warmest day out of the next seven. but the threat of showers and storms later in the day means it will ab weather alert. tuesday breezy a high around 70. if you want more spring-like
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temperatures wednesday, thursday friday and saturday looking good. mid-60s for highs on wednesday and thursday. the chance of some showers on thursday just nuisance showers. won't really benefit from it the garden wouldn't. friday a high of 62 and saturday a high of 63. >> all right, amelia thanks so much. we do want to remind everybody to keep it here for "press pass" right after "meet the press a new form of innovation is taking shape,
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good sunday morning. capitals and islanders typical game three. series tied one after caps came away after a huge win in game two. puck drops at noon on nbc 4. despite the earlier than usual start, head coach knows his team will be ready to go. >> we recognize we've had some slow starts in the afternoon. we know they will be ramped up. there will be a good atmosphere in the parking lot and in the building, so we'll be awake. >> going to be more interesting game, more intense game. you know -- >> the crowd will be on top of you, basically, right? >> that's okay. it's not the first year. >> caps say their goalie will be
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ready. he missed game two due to illness, a full day yesterday of practice. he started 72 of 82 games for the capitals this season. coming up in just a little bit, we'll get you ready for the huge contest game three with our pregame show starting at 11:30. caps and islanders face off at noon here on nbc 4. that was a look at your morning sports. hope your sunday is a good one. congrats to the wizards for winning game one of their series against raptors. >> that's right. you've got
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this sunday off and running. republicans in new hampshire taking on hillary. >> when hillary clinton travels, there needs to be two planes. one for her and her entourage and one for her baggage. >> clinton trying to prove she still can't stop thinking about tomorrow. >> we need to be we have to be number one again. >> but is yesterday really gone? >> and could we see a presidential announcement right here on the show? >> plus breaking through the noise. that gyrocopter incident the flying mailman certainly got people talking just not about what he wanted to be talking about. >> and lots of people are having fun with hillary's new logo. guess what? show are we. i'm chuck todd.


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